Uphill struggles

becoming paleo

Me, in the black, with the fat ass, at the start of this journey

Hubby and I have found that ‘middle age spread’ is a real thing.

Life has become a battle against middle age-dom, and we are losing.

We have both joined a punishing CrossFit gym, and get regular beastings 3 times a week. This is proving to be good for muscle tone and strength, but the flab is stubborn and it has to go.

The Paleo Diet (‘diet’ as in way of living/eating’, not as in ‘pay me £10 per month and I will ritually humiliate you by weighing you in front of all these fat women) seems like the way forward.

I plan to document our journey as we navigate this new phenomenon, and you are welcome to follow.


2 thoughts on “Uphill struggles

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