Mr Trog

PaleoOk, let me give you some background on Mr Trog. Roll back 30 years and I am working as a baker (oh, the irony!) in the gym three times a week, playing squash 4 or 5 times a week, out with the boys a couple of times a week, 13stone and, oh yes… eating anything and everything I like, when I like.

Roll forward 30 years, two marriages, four kids and several corporate jobs later, and there is more to me than I had planned – about 80 lbs to be precise!

So at 50 and nearly 19stone, it was clearly time to take stock, make some effort to ensure I enjoy at least some of the pension I have been saving up all these years.

If you’re 20 something , 13 stone and reading this you’re probably thinking  “not me, I won’t let myself go like that.” Well, good luck with that one – I suggest you bookmark this page and take a picture of yourself for later…

Anyway, where to start – The gym?  I was up for it, but Mrs Trog kept pointing out that I wouldn’t go (annoyingly accurate) so would just be throwing the money away – not sensible mid-recession.

“Why don’t you try X-Fit like me…”

“I’ll think about it”

“No need, I already signed you up for a free session”

Let me tell you about that free session. You know how at the end of a marathon you see those poor confused soles who didn’t think they needed to train, and now have several people trying to steer them to the finish line… because they keep going the wrong way…that was me, except I was only trying to run 200 meters after a few burpees  (more on those later) and wall balls!

“did you enjoy it?”

“oddly, yes”

“did you sign up?”

“I think so, all a bit of a blur…”

So that is how this journey started for me, not yet a whiff of Paleo, and still munching bread…


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