Crossfit induction begins…

Before you can become a fully fledged ‘Crossfitter’ you need to be educated in the ways of the Crossfit world.  This process of induction  (or ‘torture’ as I fondly remember it) took place over a four week period where you would arrive just in time to see the proper class finishing. A marketing disaster if you ask me…watching these athletic-looking boys and girls (I use that phrase a lot now I’m 50…) gasping for water and air was slightly unnerving…

There were two people on my induction:- Me – the fat and fifty representative; and Frank – the inevitable younger, thinner, fitter male that God had sent along just to make sure I didn’t get too confident, too quickly. It was clear for all to see why I was there. Frank was to be the ‘Yin’ to my fat ‘Yang’ .  We started with a gentle warm up and stretch, at which point I started to realise how big a project this was going to be…

Crossfit Press-upsThe process of induction involves going through the ‘standards’ for the core exercises and learning how to do them correctly (very sensible). This wasn’t supposed to be funny. However, as I attempted my first press-up under the strict requirement of “nipples to the floor,” I felt obliged to point out that I was at least 20lb from that being possible. I’m not sure if Frank was laughing with me or at me, but he was laughing, which made his press-ups look almost as dodgy as my own.

This was nothing, however, compared to the spectacle of me doing a Burpee. After watching Peter (one of the instructors) demonstrate the simplicity of the movement with apparent weightlessness, I dropped down confidently.  In that split second I had somehow conveniently forgotten that I was nearly 19stone and managed to wind myself in the process… the problem, however, was never the getting down, it was the getting up. Gravity is a bastard.

And so the process had started, three times a week for the next four weeks. Like regression to baby-hood, I couldn’t walk or lift my arms to feed myself for days after each session (definitely helped with the weight loss) but sticking at it I began to see progress, and that was when the subject of diet came up…


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