Not-Fine Wine

paleoYou know the score. Old friends arrive for a visit. It’s raining……hmmmmm, what shall we do?

The boys cook roast beef rib whilst the girls pop to the pub for a catch up.

Trog Mum buys ONE glass of wine each. When it comes to the next round of drinks, Trog Mum’s friend returns to the table with a BOTTLE of wine. Powerless to resist. That would be rude, right? It’s Jubilee Weekend. Have one for Her Majesty.

Big test for the new-to-Paleo family. I bloody love wine, me.

It is now D-Day plus 12 hours. My head is clear, but my gut is not. It feels a little bit like someone has taken a bicycle pump and jacked up my insides.

Oh God. Trog Kid is now running at me, full pelt, in a Power Ranger style karate stance – surely the impact will make me pop like a balloon? A nimble dodge negates the impact.

paleoMoments later he is back, a large Nerf blaster his weapon of choice. Instinctively I grab the copy of Robb Wolf’s hardback, ‘The Paleo Solution’ which is sitting on the worktop. One deft swipe deflects the incoming missile. I’m like bloody WonderWoman.


It has taken a full 11 weeks for Trog Mum to learn this valuable lesson. Liquid crap is just as bad for you as solid crap. My body is now a temple (albeit a temple at which no one has any desire to come and worship these days). Step away from the wine bucket, dear.


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