Well, that’s embarrassing…

Today wasn’t a great day… I’ve just got back from CrossFit where, after the normal warm up, we focused on doing hand stands. Should be straight forward I guess, but having never done a hand stand before (no, really), I was slightly apprehensive.

Stage 1, Headstand against a wall – tick, got this sussed

Stage 2 Engage shoulders and practice taking (considerable) weight on arms… ouch that hurt my knee

Andy (instructor): “it shouldn’t hurt your knee…!?”

Me:  “obviously… don’t know what I did then…let’s try that again… OUCH, my Gracilis muscle” – I didn’t really say that I said FUCK that hurt, but I have since looked up the offending muscle

Andy: “WHAT NOW”… (you twit)

… And that ladies and gents was my night over. Oh the shame of it.


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