Crowd Pleaser

Occasionally we hit the ball out of the park by feeding our friends something delicious which couldn’t possibly be Paleo.

paleo recipe

Coconut cake. Gone within an hour of baking, to Trogs and non Trogs alike.

200g coco flour (I use dessicated coconut, ground in spice grinder)

90g butter

almond extract (1tsp)

maple syrup/honey – a good squirt at the end to get the right consistency

3/4 eggs (varies according to the brand of coco you use)

1/2 tsp baking powder

good pinch cinnamon

Grease and line a shallow baking sheet with coco oil or butter (I use 8×12″ tin?) I find it sticks if it’s not lined.paleo

Pre-heat oven to around 170 degrees C.

Mix the whole lot into a nice, thick batter. Start with 3 eggs, add another if it’s too thick. Shouldn’t be as thin as pancake batter, but thinner than normal cake mix.

Pour into the tin.

Cook for about 35 mins, until golden brown, and a skewer comes out clean.

It won’t rise much, it’s a tray bake. But it will be lovely and moist and a real crowd-pleaser.

Leave me a comment if you liked it! New recipes always gratefully received too.

paleo cake


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