Paleo – OMG!

It was sometime during the third week of Crossfit induction that Frank and Pete ambushed me with the “have you read the Primal Blueprint?” question. Frank asked the question, but they both waited for my response…

(I hadn’t even heard of the book, let alone read it, and now they were both going to find out, and I was going on the list of people who hadn’t read it, and I sensed that was the wrong list to be on…)

Me: “no, not yet”

Frank: “Oh, you have a copy then?”

Me: “… No, not yet”

Frank: “Get one, it will blow your mind mate, my brother* has read it and the weight is falling off him” – I was suddenly very interested!

What followed over the next few days was more conversation with Andy, Pete and Frank, followed by lots of conversations with Mrs Trog on the ‘could we, should we’ question, and then we did- just like that- and that was 12 weeks ago.

Since then, our diet has been going through several phases of change as we move ever closer to the ideal ‘Paleo’ diet. I must say I would recommend this approach to going cold turkey which really would have blown my mind.

First of all you have to get your head around ‘food’ – what’s good, and what’s bad – and unlearn a whole bunch of things that you thought to be true (to be honest I was in the “if it works I’ll believe it camp”).

Then, when you have that sussed, you have to figure out how to combine what you can eat into sensible, practical and satisfying meals.

Then, you have to concentrate when you go shopping, otherwise you end up doing what we did, and build a little (big) pile of stuff that you shouldn’t have picked up next to the checkout whilst trying to avoid eye contact with the checkout lady (or man)

The biggest shock for me was BREAD. “man cannot live on bread alone…” but I gave it a bloody good try (don’t get me started on cheese!). I haven’t eaten bread now for 12 weeks, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it – same goes for cheese.

It has taken some adjustment, especially around breakfast time, but I would highly recommend giving it a go. You don’t have to believe the science or follow the logic, just see how it feels and use that as the basis for continuing or stopping… I’m continuing!

*Sorry Frank, I was listening, but I really cant remember if it was your brother, father, uncle or flat mate, but for the sake of the story I’ve said brother… it it wasn’t him and he’s not fat, I apologise…


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