Sporting attire for beginners

What NOT to wear for a CrossFit workout ‘ 101.’

This. Not yet, Dear. We’ll unleash the big guns when we can see our own feet.

paleo crossfit

This. Exactly WHEN was the last time you went to the gym?

paleo crossfit

This. Excuse me? We play Motorhead in the background here, not Barry Manilow.

paleo crossfit

This. Uh, I don’t think she’s here for the Boxing….

paleo crossfit

This. Snotty bitch from expensive private gym who thought she’d try CrossFit and show all those mummies how uber fit she was. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. Style over substance, beeatch.

paleo crossfit

This. If you don’t have any friends in real life, you certainly won’t win any here wearing THAT.

crossfit paleo

This. Sorry, no. We do callouses, not manicures.

paleo crossfit

This.  Totally rocking it.

paleo crossfit

What do you wear? *smiley face*


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