You want me to squat where? And our first ever ‘Giveaway’

Picture the scene. We are on holiday in a caravan (white trash). There is a lovely, quiet ambience to the place, and approximately 10 paleo crossfitfeet of space between our caravan and the next. My husband has woken on a beautiful sunny morning and decided that we should
participate in a family WOD. I point out that I am sleeping in a caravan and that my spine has crumbled so acutely during the night that my head is now permanently angled at 48 degrees west. This falls on deaf ears and before I know it there are 4 of us grunting like lunatics in full view of our fellow chavs. Even 5 year old Ollie is giving it some welly.

We are subjected to a workout of squats, sit-ups and press-ups on the minute, every minute, paleo crossfitfrom 5 ascending to 15. Net curtains are twitching and I am wondering why the hell I am not eating a sausage butty (yes, ok, I don’t eat bread) and manning the stop-watch instead of showing my arse to the neighbours in a very ungainly toilet-seat position. Is this what they mean by no pain, no gain?

I did, however, manage to finish ahead of the aforementioned husband, which afforded me the opportunity to take a humiliating photograph of him mid press-up. Nah nah nah nah nah.

Anyway, I have now recovered enough to tell you that o ur friends over at Slimkicker are offering you the chance to win a fabulous heart rate and calorie monitor.

Slimkicker help you to turn your diet and weightloss goals into a game, in which you can set yourself challenges which you’d like to achieve, then ‘level-up’ as you achieve them and win points and rewards. The site reminds you about the reward you are promising yourself when you reach the points required to win it – it’s a great motivator. There are also support groups and a forum on the site, so paleo crossfitcheck it out.

They are seeking your help to come up with fun new ideas for fitness and weight loss challenges, and in return for your contributions and ideas, are offering one person a chance to win this great piece of kit. These might be as simple as giving up dairy for a week, or climbing that damn rope at the CrossFit gym, anything which you think would be a good initiative!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this Post with your idea(s) for new challenges that could be used by Slimkicker to motivate their users toward their goals. 1-2 sentences max please.

We know you love fitness, and care about your diet, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, so have a go. Nothing to lose but a few seconds!

Pass it on using the share buttons.

The winner will be chosen by Slimkicker from all the comments left on this Post in one week’s time. Go ahead, knock yourselves out!


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