CrossFit Feet

paleo crossfitMy feet.
They are 45 years old, just like the rest of me (funny that), and losing their charm.

Since beginning Crossfit, I have discovered pains and bodily malfunctions in all manner of places in which I didn’t realise you could hurt, and my feet have consistently been part of the torture.
I have (so they tell me) a Morton’s neuroma. This is apparently not the lead singer of A-Ha, but a nerve growth in the joint of my right foot. It hurts a lot. A very lot. A cortisone injection helped for a few weeks but now it hurts a lot again.paleo crossfit

I have also managed to damage the ligaments in the joint of the same foot. This means that my right foot is now misshapen, my toes won’t sit down flat and the middle one is constantly fat & swollen. Ugly feet truly suck and I am not happy.

So far I have tried to cushion the blow of relentless ‘double under-ing’ with:

1. A variety of footwear, including Converse, Running Shoes & Toners (the last of which my Crossfit coach asked me politely to burn and never wear to his gym again)
2. Trips to a Podiatrist, who happens to be an enormously attractive young man named Dan *sigh* (It does nothing for my feet, but does help an old lady get through the day)
3. Gel pads, toe guards and custom made insoles. Expensive, bulky and impractical. Unless I want one foot to look bigger than the other
4. Pain killers – a delightful interlude with the Fairies, but all too inadequate to cope with the collection of pains from other parts of my dilapidated body.

I have now invested in these new wheels. You likey? (They match my t-shirt, what of it?)

paloe crossfit

Anyway, I’m sure you’d like to know whether all this effort has paid off for my poor tootsies? Are they any better?

Hell no. They are worse than ever. God, I wish I was 25 again…..


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