31 day Paleo challenge

….and they’re off!

paleo crossfitDay 1, Monday 14th January. It just happens to be my Mum’s birthday today (mwah to you, Mum, hope you’re going to watch over me this month from up there).

The coffee has been stuffed deep inside a kitchen cupboard. For some reason I am expecting this to be the hardest part *wrenches hands and screams ‘what have I got to live for?!* Maybe that in itself is a sign that I should cut out the caffeine for a month?

Had one last hurrah with a potato and a glass of wine last night. I did eat other stuff with the potato (just incase you were wondering whether I was playing out some kind of scene from Les Mis or paleo crossfitsomething).

Measurements as follows:-

Height 174cm, waist 82cm (roll on elasticated trousers)

Weight 76.4kg

Body fat 31.8%

Muscle mass 49.5kg

Bone mass 2.6kg (how the f*** am I standing up?)

BMI 25.2

Metabolic age 42 (yay)

Visceral fat level 5 (recommended range 1-12)

The gym subjected us to a special Challenge WOD on Saturday, which we must repeat after we’ve finished, if our bodies can carry us across the threshold.

My slightly scaled version of the WOD (as I have more chance of marrying George Clooney that executing a ‘toes to bar’ manoeuvre):-

500m run

40 air squats

30 double unders

20 V sit-ups

10 burpees

5 30kg power cleans

Managed it pretty okay for an old bird, including the double unders (high five) in 7 mins and 5 seconds. Let’s see what January brings before we try it again.

As a slight aside, the Crossfit foot is getting significantly worse. Acute post-netball shooting pains in my right foot followed by the inability to walk without wanting to cry. Not good.

Wish me luck for the next 31 days!


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