Paleo challenge Day 11; My kingdom for a cappuccino

20130124-174033.jpgWe are 11 days in to the 31 day Paleo Challenge.
So, how’s it going?

Grains – Zero consumption. Tick.
Dairy – Zero consumption. Tick.
Sugar – Zero consumption. Not even the single red Fruit Pastille that my 5 year old left on the seat of my car (although it had disappeared after my husband had borrowed the car a day later…hmmm).
Alcohol – Zero consumption. Tick. I know!!!! Bovvered? Meh.
Coffee, tea, decaf or delicious hot lip-smacking caffeinated beverages of any sort – Zero consumption.

The nearest thing to a cheat I’ve had was a tablespoon of honey in the batch of paleo breakfast bread I knocked up at the weekend. Pretty good, huh?

But Mary, mother of Jesus, I would happily fight my way past a couple of burly Starbucks Baristas for a chance to lay open mouthed under their silver beast of an espresso machine. Major CRAVING!

Gym performance ok so far. PB in straight press today and managed (struggled) my way through 240 16kg Kettlebell swings interspersed with burpees, as well as a punishing second WOD. Not bad for an old bird.

Sleep is proving a bigger issue, mainly due to the aforementioned child. Too old for this shit. It’s what the Iraqis use when waterboarding doesn’t deliver the goods – send in a small infant, they’ll soon talk.  Can’t win ’em all I suppose.
Weigh-in next Monday at the half way point, so watch this space. It’s going to be tough with 3 of the 4 family’s birthdays in the next 2 weeks, but it’s do-able.


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