31 day Paleo challenge – mid point pain

paleo crossfit

Start of challenge. Ill-fitting top not really helping the situation

A little over mid way and I would cut someone for a coffee.

Eating has not been a major problem. I had zero cheats in the first 15 days and then fell from grace momentarily when I licked out the bowl of my son’s 13th birthday cake. It’s a small transgression, forgivable by the onset of realisation that I have a teenage child. It was not my finest hour.

No alcohol, caffeine, grains, sugar or other bad shit apart from that.

Feeling ok, although small infant regrettably still waking in the night.

paleo crossfit

Mid term weigh-in as follows:-

Weight loss 1kg (disappointing for such a gruelling period of abstinance)

Body fat down 1.2%

Muscle mass up by 0.2kg

Bone mass up by 0.1kg

BMI down  0.3

Metabolic age is now 39 (down from 42)

Waistline cm unchanged – I fear we have childbirth to thank for that mostly.

Body fluid % up by 1%

Visceral fat also unchanged.

Still being a very good girl with no cheating and 3-5 workouts per week (Crossfit and netball), so if I don’t lose more than 1kg by the end of this, someone may have to die.


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