Teen Crossfit body changes

George has been growing rapidly.

He took up Crossfit last year at the age of 12, just as his body began to take on the kind of life-changing transformation which comes with puberty. It has been THE best thing that could have happened during this period. Some time after that he decided to adjust his diet  to become semi-Paleo.

paleo crossfit

The combination of these two changes has brought him:-

  • self confidence
  • fitness
  • camaraderie
  • a role model in the form of his fitness coach
  • an outlet for his hormones and his energy
  • a sense of joining manhood as he challenges his body to increasingly difficult but rewarding things
  • a marked improvement on the rugby pitch

Instead of succumbing to the spreading middle which so many early teenagers end up with after the endless hours of X-Box coma, he has blossomed. His shoulders are broadening, his strength is increasing and his abs are tight. I could not be prouder.

paleo crossfit

Thanks indeed to the wonderful coach at Crossfit HG3 who dedicates so much time to these boys. I would highly recommend this as a form of exercise for any teen, any time.

These pictures were taken just over a year apart – June 2012 and August 2013. What a difference a year makes.


Can you really kid a kid?

The first time I read a Paleo cook book I laughed out loud. It promised me that my kids wouldn’t notice that the bread bun was missing from their burger, or that some kind of 21st century equivalent of the Hamburglar had replaced it with portobello mushrooms. Ooohh Kaaay.

paleoI decided to give the sprogs the benefit of the doubt.
We tried….

Cauliflower rice…

Me: “It’s just the same as normal rice, really!”
My kids: “It tastes like cauliflower. I hate cauliflower”

Tortilla substituted ham roll ups…
Me: “These are great, just like a wrap sandwich”
My kids: “Nah”

Meatloaf…it’s like burgers but in a big loaf. Nope.paleo

Paleo cookies. Nada.

Lasagne – without the lasagne.

“Eeeyeeeuuwww. The pasta is greeeeeen! I’m not eating that filth.”

Pecan crusted chicken breast.

Me: “It’s breadcrumbs. Just like KFC, for God’s sake!”

Kids:” Bleeuuurrrghhhh”

Almond butter in celery called bugs in boats…….Now you ‘re just taking the piss.

Never believe anyone who is trying to sell a frigging cook book. They clearly have no kids.