Just 1lb of fat…

When I made my first trip to Crossfit I weighed in at 18st 10lb, the highest I have ever been, with a desire to be 15st (last achieved about 25 years ago!)

The lightest I have ever been as a fully grown man was 12st 13lb at 22, with time spent playing squash or working out most days.

Like most men I guess, my ability to loose weight quickly when I was young made me complacent, and see any weight gain as a ‘temporary’ thing that could be easily sorted by a couple of weeks exercise and a few less burgers…

As I got older I was starting to recognise the extra effort required each time, but work/ambition seemed to provide enough excuses to ignore the issues, and before I could say ‘”Christ, I’m 30″, I was up to 16st… by 40 this was 17st … and by 50, we hit the jackpot at 18st 10lb.

This week I weighed in at 16st 11lb, still a long way from my target of 15st, but just 1lb away from nailing my second stone. As you can see from the graph the loss has been steady at about 1lb a week which got me to thinking – just what does 1lb of fat look like and what effort is required to shift the little bugger!  The simple answer is 3500 calories or a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day (I know this is an over simplification…)

The Paleo diet is certainly working – because of injury and holiday I have been out of the gym for 4 weeks, but still maintaining my weight loss. The exercise is certainly increasing my metabolism and helping with tone (Frank even said I was developing a waist today… I do worry about him). I had thought by now it might start getting harder, but so far I am still on a steady 1lb a week.

It would be nice to be at 15st before Christmas so I may have to start turning up the exercise dial!


Can you really kid a kid?

The first time I read a Paleo cook book I laughed out loud. It promised me that my kids wouldn’t notice that the bread bun was missing from their burger, or that some kind of 21st century equivalent of the Hamburglar had replaced it with portobello mushrooms. Ooohh Kaaay.

paleoI decided to give the sprogs the benefit of the doubt.
We tried….

Cauliflower rice…

Me: “It’s just the same as normal rice, really!”
My kids: “It tastes like cauliflower. I hate cauliflower”

Tortilla substituted ham roll ups…
Me: “These are great, just like a wrap sandwich”
My kids: “Nah”

Meatloaf…it’s like burgers but in a big loaf. Nope.paleo

Paleo cookies. Nada.

Lasagne – without the lasagne.

“Eeeyeeeuuwww. The pasta is greeeeeen! I’m not eating that filth.”

Pecan crusted chicken breast.

Me: “It’s breadcrumbs. Just like KFC, for God’s sake!”

Kids:” Bleeuuurrrghhhh”

Almond butter in celery called bugs in boats…….Now you ‘re just taking the piss.

Never believe anyone who is trying to sell a frigging cook book. They clearly have no kids.